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Bridge Program


Actively licensed Cosmetologists may enroll in the Cosmetologist to Barber Bridge Program. The Bridge Program requires 500 hours of enrollment at an Illinois approved Barber College. This program is currently being offered at LBC.


  • $4,860 (tools, books, tuition)

  • 3-5 month program (500 hours)

  • 24-42 hours per week

  • $1,900 to start (tools, books, down payment)

The remaining $2,960 is broken up into a monthly payment plan spanning the time it takes the student to complete the course.



Ashley plans to attend LBC 30 hours per week. This puts her on track to complete the Bridge Program in about 4 months. She will pay the initial $1,825 to start (tools, books, down payment.) The remaining $2,660 is then broken up into a monthly payment plan for the following 4 months of her enrollment. Accordingly she will pay $665 per month. 

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