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  • TIME: By law barber students are required to complete 1500 hours at an Illinois licensed barber college. At Lockhart's Barber College students can graduate and begin an exciting new career in as little as 9 months with full-time enrollment.

  • MONEY: Not everything is about money but it certainly does make an impact on our day to day lives. Barbers have the potential to meet or exceed the annual income of a person with a 4 year degree. This can be achieved at a fraction of the cost in tuition and in a fraction of the time. At 2+ haircuts per hour a barber can make a great living in Illinois.

  • JOB SECURITY: The demand for quality, well-trained barbers in Illinois is HUGE. To put it into perspective, for each barber in Illinois there are 10+ cosmetologists, and that includes Chicago. The ratio for Central Illinois is closer to 1:20!​

  • RECESSION PROOF: One of the most rewarding benefits of being a barber is the job security that comes with it. Once you have learned the craft you can take it with you anywhere. A slow economy will not kill your business the same way it would a niche market. A quality skill set and an understanding of effective customer service will allow barbers to ride the economic waves.

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